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Sports & Performance Therapy

Are you training hard and working towards something big? Or simply enjoy pushing your limits as part of your general lifestyle?

Having worked with elite athletes as well as many competitive and social weekend warriors to keep them moving, feeling, training and competing at their peak, I have the skills and insights to help you stay on top of your aches and pains that come with pushing your body to the limits. 

If you need help getting back in the box seat or just need a nudge in the right direction after a solid session then I've got you covered. 



Iron out those little niggles and go into your event feeling fresh, ready and confident!

(Don't wait until the last minute to get on top of the little things on your mind throughout training)



Overcome the discomfort sooner so you can get back to regular training and moving well.

Performance Therapy

(Long Term Athletic Development)

Tailoring treatment to compliment your training and competition schedule to keep you performing optimally, reduce time off and allow you to give your all. 

Consistency over time is key to long term development - offsetting stress, soreness and tension allows you to train and compete with minimal disruption. 

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