Who is it for?

Anybody looking for relief from aches & pains, overcoming injury or just wanting to get their body moving and feeling better. 

What is the focus?

Focusses on the assessment (understand what is happening) and treatment (intervention and education) to change the course of the problem and associated symptoms.  

The degree of assessment and focus of intervention can vary depending on the nature or chronicity of the presentation. 

By utilising an assessment process I can determine the best approach to treatment to meet your goals. 

What to expect?

Put simply, most cases fall into 1 of 4 categories. 

Serious - Possible underlying medical issue requiring investigation. Immediate referral on to appropriate profession - no treatment and no charge if this is the case.

Situation - Evidence of a pathology or clear reason for symptoms. Treatment aimed at improving symptoms and plan to resolve issue put in place, will often involve working in with other health care professionals. 

Sensitivity /Symptomatic  - No evidence or suspicion of any underlying pathology or problem but increased sensitivity and resultant symptoms (pain, ache, throb, nerve pain). Treatment directed at resolving symptoms and getting you back on track. 

Self-Care - Proactive engagement by the client at the early onset of symptoms that are not yet impacting them. Treatment becomes very proactive and takes on a holistic approach without getting to bogged down in the nitty gritty.