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Growing and raising little people is one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer. 

But it is also extremely demanding and tiring.

The rate of change the human body experience throughout pregnancy is far greater than any gym program could ever deliver. 

Feeding, caring, cleaning and chasing around after little humans has you lifting, squatting and lunging more than ever before. 
So if you are looking to destress, loosen up and feel somewhat human to help put your best version forwards every day. Book  in!

During Pregnancy

  • Reduces stress, promotes relaxation

  • Reduces negative effects of circulatory system changes, including edema, varicose veins and increased blood pressure.

  • Minimises discomforts of pregnancy's hormonal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary and other physiological adaptations. 

  • Reduces musculoskeletal strain and pain.

  • Develops the flexibility and kinesthetic awareness necessary to actively participate in the birth process.


  • ​Fosters postpartum emotional and physiological adjustments

  • Reduces musculoskeletal and organ pain

  • Promotes structural realignment of spine and pelvis, and reorganisation of movement

  • Relieves muscle strain and tension caused by child care activities


I have a specialty Athlegen pregnancy attachment as well as a set of Belly Pillows that go on the standard table so you can still lay face down. 

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