Who is it for?

Life is hectic and for many of us that stress manifests in aches and pains.  


As most people have figured out – when we are kind to ourselves the body doesn’t scream as loud. 


Refresh & Recharge is a modified approach to Remedial Massage that is ideal for those times when you just need to “shut down, chill out and hit reset”. 

What is the focus?

More subtle techniques are used to reduce muscle tension whilst allowing your mind to be at ease. So if you know you are in need of some body work but just don’t feel up for it then you may just want to give this some consideration.  

What to expect?

Less assessment (I still have duty of care to rule out the serious stuff) 


General work aimed to help you muscles & mind relax and unwind, followed by subtle approach to reduce major areas of tension, finished off with more relaxing work and sometimes a gentle stretch of the main areas.