Who is it for?

Women at any stage of pregnancy – yes I can safely treat you in the 1st Trimester 

What is the focus?

Doesn’t differ greatly from treatment one would normally receive except for the consideration of the impact placed on the body across all stages of pregnancy. Most women are wanting to de-stress, relax and navigate their common aches and pains.  


Aids such as pregnancy pillows or side lying treatment approaches are adopted to ensure you are comfortable and safely supported.  


Being pregnant is not a barrier to treatment and treatment is generally safe during all stages of pregnancy.  

However, if you are experiencing any of the following, I would recommend discussing treatment suitability with your primary care provider: 


Placenta Previa 


High blood pressure/PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) 

Previous pre-term labour 

Recent bleeding 

Pre-term contractions 

Sudden severe headache. 


Pregnancy massage is associated with a large number of unfounded myths and wives tails, I would highly recommend reading this great blog by AMT that covers the Top 10 Pregnancy Myths.   

What to expect?

Health history and understanding of your current pregnancy and previous pregnancies if applicable.  Discuss what you would like to achieve from your visit/s and then make sure you are comfortable and supported throughout your treatment.