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Your Nervous System: Needy, Greedy, and Surprisingly Delicate

Ever felt stressed and tense? Turns out, your nervous system, the tireless conductor of your every move and feeling, might be throwing a tantrum. Why? Because it's a diva, my friends. A needy, greedy, and surprisingly sensitive diva.

Here's the lowdown: despite making up only 1% of your body weight, your nervous system gobbles up 25% of your available oxygen and glucose, 24/7. Talk about a VIP guest! To keep this demanding system purring, it needs a constant flow of blood, delivered through a network of 72 kilometers ! of delicate nerve highways.

Think of these highways like tiny, walled tunnels protecting the precious neurons inside. Now, imagine squeezing and twisting these tunnels – that's what happens with muscle tension. Blood flow gets sluggish, like rush hour on a one-lane road. This can starve your diva nervous system, leading to its not-so-charming side: pain.

This pain is your nervous system's way of screaming, "Hey, I'm not getting my diva fuel!"

It's like a temper tantrum, but with achy muscles and headaches instead of stomping feet.

So, what can you do to appease this demanding diva? Massage therapy, my friends, is the ultimate backstage pass. By releasing muscle tension, massage helps smoothen the flow of blood through those delicate nerve tunnels. This VIP treatment ensures your nervous system gets its oxygen and glucose fix, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed, and pain-free.

Remember, a happy nervous system is a happy you.

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