Who is it for?

Athletic development is a long game with many ups and downs. This approach is designed for those who have a goal and an plan to get there. Treatment is designed to support your adaptation and progression over the duration of a season/s to ensure you are always progressing with minimal setbacks.

What is the focus?

Performance therapy encompasses elements of Remedial, sports and refresh& recharge approaches to soft tissue treatment and blends them with an understanding of long term athletic development (adaptation, stimulus/response/biomechanics) and Injury management (type, risk factors and rehab management).  


Where many approaches to treatment are reactive to a deviation in a plan. Performance therapy is about ensuring you are primed for healthy adaptation and success at all times. Every athlete will at some stage (often) have to train through flare ups, niggles and injuries. The trick to staying on the field is juggling the treatment of the issue at hand without taking the eye off the long term goal.  

What to expect?

A bit of everything. The aim of the game is to prepare for the unexpected whilst focusing on performance!

Sessions will often shift intention and focus throughout the season and over time as we adapt and continually prepare and support your mind & body. 

Remedial – Get on top of any underlying problems in an effective manor that doesn't compromise your training. 

Sports –This is what it is all about - getting the best out of your body. There is a time for development and rehabilitation, but we still need to make sure you are comp ready. 

Refresh & Recharge – When you train hard and play hard. It is important to periodically take your foot of the gas. So sometimes we need to incorporate and reflect this throughout treatment.